Welcome to our Expressing Motherhood Blog, our goal here is to offer a platform to highlight creative moms. How they find the time, what they are up to and really just hearing and supporting creativity in moms.

Expressing Motherhood is the hit, on-going stage show that has been showcasing moms onstage since 2008. It was the first stage show to offer a platform for moms with no acting, writing of speaking background, the space to just get up and share their experience regarding motherhood.

The cast consists of about 12 people, each time the cast changes. The show regularly sells out in LA and has gone to NYC and Boston where it sold out all nights as well.

Two stay at home moms conceived the idea in 2008 out of LA. Their families regularly fly in to help sell tickets and wine at the shows. The communal, unique vibe that has been created has struck a chord with moms and theatre goers of all types all over.

Adventurous women who performed on our stage pouring their hearts out to audiences. In LA when it rains people don’t show up. I’ll never forget one night it was pouring and the audience was packed, listening to this cast.

When you have 0 to little ad budget you work with what you have. With my first child I had no help so I worked on Expressing Motherhood during his naps. Lucky for me he was a great napper. When he was awake I used him as child labor obviously.

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