Last Night

Last night the women performed in front of a full house. Normally there is a fair amount of whispering backstage.

But not last night. We listened to the audience reacting. It was powerful and wonderful.

A woman talked to me after the show saying how much she enjoyed it. She said she heard about it via her daugther who follows performer Krista Knott’s blog.

Krista Knott

I went to Krista’s blog this morning and read this piece she wrote about her own fears and doing the show.

We have two shows left today, a 2:30 matinee and a 7:00 evening show.



One thought on “Last Night

  1. That was my mom you spoke with! I am so glad Krista wrote about the show on her blog, and so glad my mom was in town to go with me on Saturday night. We loved the show, and it was just the kind of thing that this expecting mama needed to do and hear right now. Thanks so much for a great night celebrating so many facets of motherhood!

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