Today Was…

A post by Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet. I thought we could try something. Snap a few photos throughout the day and include some thoughts on the day, photos, whatever was on your mind. Or no words, maybe just photos. If you are interested please send us you submission with the subject Today Was…

Today was…

At times impossible to control myself.

Overwhelmed with thoughts of the words decay and overbred. Decay because, well the obvious.

Overbred of course with humor but hell I do feel overwhelmed and wonder if I can properly handle 3 kids. Two so close in age is proving hard for me. I looked in the mirror a bit. Wondering how did I get to look like this.

No really where did you go?


Part of me doesn’t really care. That’s how tired I am. Then I think of Oprah and how she was always telling moms to take care of themselves and I never thought I’d be one of those women. They were lazy. Now I am one of those women. And now I know they were/are not lazy.

I’m trying to embrace the chaos.

But then today I thought, I wonder if Target sells cigarettes.

I haven’t had a cigarette for almost 10 years. But today I wanted to escape.

So this evening I went to the grocery store. All by myself.

One thought on “Today Was…

  1. i never thought i would be the type of person who thought that going grocery shopping by myself was such a luxury. but i will scrape up remnants of food that doesn’t even go together during the day so i can go shopping by myself once my man gets home. and i used to get compliments on my style. i haven’t heard a spontaneous compliment in years. (the same amount of years i’ve had kids.) sigh.

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